Latest statement about Cornavirus information on the current supply situation in COMWAY

After months of the maximum amount of working at home, COMWAY headquarter is coming back to work.
We continue to be very cautious and are complying with all protective measures, such as wearing a mask on company premises and social distancing in offices. We are very pleased that we have not had any infection clusters at COMWAY Contact and that worldwide, none of our employees have developed a serious illness.
At the same time, we have successfully kept our supply chains stable – the traffic lights are green in production and logistics almost everywhere, in virtually all of our facilities throughout the world. This makes us very happy. 
Our global sales representatives are now beginning to make direct contact with customers and users again. Although the pandemic is not over yet and the resulting recession is also affecting us, we are confident and happy about even the little steps we make toward direct communication and direct contact – from person to person.
Stay healthy!